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4 Simple Tips To Stick To A Workout Routine

Do you work out only when you need to shed those extra pounds or prepare for a marathon? If yes, it might be time to start doing it more routinely. Exercise should be a part of your everyday life, much like eating and sleeping. But, as you may already know, it is easier said than done. It is much easier to make fitness resolutions at the start of the new year than it is to find the motivation to stick to your routine. We start out strong on January 1 and then as the year rolls on, we begin to slack off. Moreover, it becomes challenging to keep up your dedication to the gym when you have an endless list of other things to do, from household responsibilities to work and social engagements. So, what essentially begins as an exciting task – going to the gym five days a week – suddenly seems almost impossible.

What if you change all of that? As you plan your workout routine, you should also be prepared to tackle the challenges that head your way so that you can remain on track. Here are a few tips that will help you stick to your workout routine and reach your fitness goals:

  • Start by showing up for your workouts Showing up to the gym or the space where you workout is half the battle and arguably, the hardest part. So, instead of worrying about the actual exercises – how difficult or tiring they are – focus on getting yourself to the gym. Once you get there, you will immediately feel motivated, which will give you the push to sweat it out.

  • Make the routine fit into your schedule Are you being held back from working out every day by time constraints? Make a detailed schedule for your week and plan your workout sessions around it. Look for ways in which you can fit in some exercise. If you can squeeze in a morning walk by waking up half an hour early, do it. If you can find a 24-hour fitness gym near you, you can also go in for a workout later in the day.

  • Set small attainable goals When it comes to fitness and exercise, many people set big outcome-oriented goals like getting six-pack abs or losing 15 pounds. While these goals can be motivating, they don’t necessarily tell you what you need to do. You should, instead, set smaller, more realistic and attainable goals, such as walking for 45 minutes five days a week or increasing the duration of your plank by 10 seconds every two or three days.

  • Pick workouts you enjoy and are good at Finding exercises you enjoy and are good at can make all the difference in helping you remain dedicated to your fitness goals. Just because your friends love cardio doesn’t mean you do, too. Consider picking workouts that you find enjoyable and are also confident doing or would like to become better at.

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